Paul Ruskin

Paul Ruskin

Is a Sydney (Australia) based software developer / architect / hacker who likes to build stuff that people can use. He also likes cycling.

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Scheduling OSX jobs with launchd

Apple's preferred method of scheduling jobs is via launchd (rather than cron). One of the main benefits of using launchd is that jobs scheduled to occur while the machine was sleeping will run once it wakes up. This is different to cron where if the machine was sleeping the job…

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Fixing 403 errors when using nginx with SELinux

I was trying to configure up a new static content directory in nginx (so that I could use the letsencrypt webroot domain verification method), but kept getting 403 permission denied errors when accessing any files from the directory. Eventually tracked it down to SELinux blocking access to the new directory…

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fq_codel, networking

Fixing home ADSL latency under load with fq_codel

About the same time my Billion ADSL modem (5+ years old) went on the blink, I was listening to the Packet Pushers Podcast: Improve your home internet performance using CoDel and figured it sounded worth experimenting with fq_codel to see how it would impact my home internet performance. The…

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Fixing failed voip calls to mobiles from a Cisco SPA112 ATA

So, my old Billion adsl modem with a built in fxo port for voip went on the blink. I replaced it with a Cisco SPA112 ATA (in conjunction with a new ADSL modem which didn't have built in voip support). However, after configuring up the SPA112 with my Internode Nodephone…

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iPhoto, Mac

Changing the Location of Referenced Folders in iPhoto

If you use Referenced Folders in iPhoto there will probably come a time when you want to move the folders with the photos in them to another location. An example would be moving them to an external drive. There isn't a nice method for updating the locations of the referenced…

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Spring, @PathVariable, dots and truncated values...

If you are using a Spring @PathVariable with a @RequestMapping to map the end of a request URI that contains a dot, you may end up wondering why you end up with a partial value in your variable - with the value truncated at the last dot. For example, if…

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centos, selinux

CentOS 7 AMI on AWS has SELinux enabled

Having configured a working VagrantFile that could spin up a CentOS 7 image on Digital Ocean, install and configure Ghost + nginx (see cruskit/vagrant-ghost, it should have been a simple matter of adding the AWS Vagrant provider to get the image running on AWS as well... It was easy enough…

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Automatically applying updates to Centos 7

If you are like me, you probably don't log into your system every day and run yum update to check for updates to apply. There is an easy way to keep up to date, though, using yum-cron. yum-cron allows you to configure your system to periodically check for updates and…

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